About the founder

Mr. de Leon is the Founder and President of Trade Connections International, a Washington, DC based international trade and business development consultancy which assists US companies work abroad, and foreign companies work in the US.

Trade Connections International elaborates business, marketing, project management and public relations strategies, seeks financing for projects, and gathers critical information for its clients.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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Consulting Services

- Public Relations for companies, notably from emerging markets, to help them break the cultural barrier and convey their message in a Western manner and style;

- Market Research Reports (MRR's) on countries and industries with a focus on business opportunities and practical suggestions on how to best take advantage of them;

- Facilitation of export-import transactions, notably by identifying buyers for sellers of goods and services and vice-versa as well as sources of financing and investors;

- Elaboration of marketing strategies to promote companies and countries;

- Organizations of international conferences with a focus on emerging markets, trade & export finance, and investments;

- Representation of companies that are interested in developing their trading operations with emerging markets or the United States; and

- Publication of articles on energy, finance and IT issues with a focus on emerging markets.