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Mr. de Leon is the Founder and President of Trade Connections International, a Washington, DC based international trade and business development consultancy which assists US companies work abroad, and foreign companies work in the US.

Trade Connections International elaborates business, marketing, project management and public relations strategies, seeks financing for projects, and gathers critical information for its clients.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Growth Obstacles Facing Financial Outsourcing

 In a world of globalization, some countries that are losing their competitiveness and feeling that their national security is at stake are resorting to protectionism. This article focuses on the need to have outsourcing, such as financial outsourcing, to be seen as a positive development and stresses the need to establish safeguards to prevent defense mechanisms from being used such as protectionism.

This article was written for and published by the Chinese publication Global Outsourcing Resources. Click HERE to read this article.


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